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When the Grind is Done.

Sometimes it's time to go full out,

but sometimes it's time to breathe.

To relax. To let go of the day and any stress that came with it.

This is where our unequalled Nano-Hemp Water comes into play.

It just brings you calm balance. That's it.

So if you have trouble getting to sleep, try it before bed.

If you're feeling anxious, drink a bottle. 

If you just want to chill out, our hemp water helps.

Without any THC. (It's Broad Spectrum.)

Let Your Tastebuds Have a Say.


With a delectable flavor that's both mild and distinguished (not to mention topped off with 10mg of Nano-Hemp and 72 trace minerals), your tastebuds will be tantalized all-naturally, making it impossible not to finish your bottle in one calm, cool and collected sitting.

Cucubmer lime.jpg


With a lemony-lime flavor so light you'll never miss the sugar we never added.

But that 10mg of Nano-Hemp we did will boost your gratitude for the day.

You're welcome!


With all the health benefits we can fit in one bottle (including 10mg of Nano-Hemp), this water has a light-as-air minty fresh flavor that will make you forget you ever used to drink sugar at all.

hemp alka.jpg


If you're a purist and just want your water to taste like amazing water, 

we've got you. With an amazing blend of

trace-minerals, plenty of Omega's and 5mg of Nano-Hemp, this bottle's distinguished, smooth and silky taste will handle your hydration and feed your cells. Enjoy!

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